Project Name:
New Scoreboard Installation
Ground surveying/Pre-scanning, excavation, telecommunications infrastructure fibre pre-wiring, termination and testing as well as switchboard upgrade 
Various sites at Bellevue Hill Campus & Gladesville
2018 – 2019
The Scots College

Scope of Works:

A new scoreboard was required for the private sports oval. The brief was to support the installation of a new electronic scoreboard to our client’s sports oval requiring real time camera feed and scoring updates in high definition by installing fibre to the location. The installation of the score board allowed national and international games to be held at the venue.

Urban designed the fibre run then selected and brought together the right products suitable to the specifications of the scoreboard. The existing switchboard required upgrading in order to deliver power requirements to the scoreboard including the alteration of controls to handle the 12-zone irrigation system. Additionally adjacent to the commercial distribution board was a new data cabinet to house a fibre FOBOT (Fibre Optical Break Out Tray), Ethernet Switches and a Category 6 Patch Panel suitable for copper cabling.

Urban excavated an 80m trench across the oval including the installation of pits and pipe work to Telecommunications Standards. A 12-core multimode loose tube fibre was cabled from the scoreboard data cabinet back to the supply cabinet 5 storeys up. Once termination, testing and labelling of the fibre were completed, the communications infrastructure was ready to connect.

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